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Welcome to the world of Azar Baksh Music. Although, as you can hear, there has been a development in my music over the years, for every period it holds true that the music I make is not easy comparable to any (types of) music you may know. This has rather got to do with the fact that the Heart is so strongly present (here and therefore also) in my music than that i would be a musical genius - the latter is not so. The Heart is the only genius - the only One that can touch our Hearts.
I am a full time musician, and earning money with my music has always been secondary to making beautiful music of and for the heart and making it available for people - to such an extent that the lack of income doesn't make things easier and can be partly in the way of producing music the way I would consider to be the best from the Heart's perspective. Yet, I decided to make my music freely available - all of it, in the course of time, not only a favourite selection (or a part) of the songs. It can be downloaded from this website. In my view the Heart is number One, the world of form the Second. If anyone feels inspired by the music to make a financial contribution from his or her Heart, this will be much appreciated. Any gift, small or big, is welcome.
If you feel like, you can support a specific song or an entire album, or my music in general. Starting with the latest albums they will be made available in their totality, if this was not yet the case.

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A selection of songs from different CD's you can listen and download.
If your Heart is touched you might pass it on to your beloveds.

The last CDs, from nr 19 on, are not accompanied by a CD booklet. In general here we prefer donations, however if you appreciate Azar's music and like to order a physical CD from these last CDs, then the cost will be €12,50. For the remaining, earlier physical CDs the prices are mentioned below.

CDs and songs of Azar Baksh:

29. Resurrection, 2020 - instrumental NEWEST


- The Resurrection of the Christ
- Remembering Space
- Tired of noise
- Intimate Freedom NEW

t.t.: 74:01

28. Requiem, 2020 - instrumental NEWEST


- Requiem for the Heart
- Loving the world, watching the decay
- Longing for nostalgia
- Wandering about in the land of love (with your inseparable partner incomprehension)
- The Stones, the Sky and the Years drifting by
- The Quest for Something
- The girl that always waits and fantasizes and never truly gives herself

t.t.: 70:21

  • Unpublished, 2020

  • - Losing (live version) NEWEST
    - Lily
    - Just laughing (live version)
    - You are there (live version)
    - You may see me - LYRICS
    - Let me Live (live version)
    - Lost Innocence

    27. Doorway to Limbo-Love, 2020 NEW


    - Stand in the doorway
    - Waiting for your man - LYRICS
    - Losing - LYRICS
    - Limbo
    - Will you be the one - LYRICS
    - Come home
    - Child of my blood

  • Unpublished, 2019

  • - Love refused - LYRICS
    - Even when - LYRICS
    - Longing for Nostalgia

    26. The Heart and the Empty Room, 2019


    - Discovering life
    - Firaq-o-Wasl
    - Whatever you prefer
    - No Value - LYRICS
    - To be locked
    - Take me to your light - LYRICS
    - Dying bed - LYRICS
    - The Boy - LYRICS
    - Wait - LYRICS
    - Soul of Poland

    25. She, the Dark Divine, 2019


    - I'm a woman (2011) - LYRICS
    - The Widow (2009) - LYRICS
    - We're not truly through (2009) - LYRICS
    - I hate the truth (2007) - LYRICS
    - Ginger (2012) - LYRICS
    - Come near (+/-2002) - LYRICS

    t.t.: 77:34

    24. The Presence is Alive, 2018


    - I am a King
    - Something is missing
    - I Whisper in You
    - A Heart is a troublesome thing
    - Leave your life
    - To the roses
    - Beyond Love
    - I tried
    - Stand in Your Truth
    - Rest in my Heart

    23. Heaven and Earth, 2018


    - When the Truth is calling by - LYRICS
    - Angels - LYRICS
    - Nothing but the Truth - LYRICS
    - To our honourable teachers - LYRICS
    - Pedestal - Dance mix - LYRICS
    - You who made it in heaven - LYRICS
    - Gotta get a ghetto - LYRICS
    - Rainbow - LYRICS

    t.t.: 79:27

  • Unpublished, 2018

  • - Ride in my Heart
    - This One Big Heart
    - Limbo

    22. Leven van Liefde, 1998 (2017)


    - Waar ben je
    - Ik wil weer kind zijn
    - Aad
    - Hou van mij
    - Voorbij
    - Door tot het antwoord
    - Liefde
    - Laat maar
    - Voor altijd in mijn hart
    - Ik wil niet meer
    - Bang voor de stilte
    - De glimlach van het meisje
    - Waar ben je (home version)
    - Aad (work version)

    t.t.: 78:00

  • French songs, 1999 - EP

  • - Comme d' habitude
    - Mon Dieu
    - Melancolie
    - Avec le temps
    - Elle s'appelle la verite

    21. The Touch of the Heart, 2017


    - You are there - LYRICS
    - Woman, let me touch you with my Heart - LYRICS
    - When will I have the nerve - LYRICS
    - I don't believe - LYRICS
    - Ego is Pain - LYRICS
    - I'm not a slave - LYRICS

    20. Azar in Spiriland I, 1996, remake 2016 - Full CD available here


    Sample tracks:
    - Home is where the heart is
    - Atishaheynah
    - We are one with the Mother

    19. The massacre - Society's slaughter of the Heart, 2016


    - What you leave behind - LYRICS
    - Buy no more - LYRICS
    - Slavery - LYRICS
    - Zombieland - LYRICS
    - The password of my heart - LYRICS
    - The march to society - LYRICS
    - The Lemmings - LYRICS
    - Hope for the world - LYRICS

  • Unpublished, 2015

  • - Just laughing

    18. The Struggle Survives Love, 2015


    The love put in this CD is even bigger
    than the struggle needed to make such a CD -
    which takes usually a year full-time work.
    - Winter - VIDEO
    - There was a time
    - Love me still
    - New Stars
    - Sad eyes - LYRICS
    - When is it enough
    - Where have you gone

    t.t.: 79:57

    17. Dear Bitch, 2014


    A theme CD, with only songs related to 'the
    Bitch' - who, for the sake of the Depth of Life,
    had Come to me to be meditated and
    experienced from closeby, from inside. Although
    Meeting her is quite a sentence, it's all worth it.

    Introduction from the booklet
    - I gave my Heart - LYRICS
    - Beauty - LYRICS
    - No value - LYRICS
    - Miss Ego - LYRICS
    - Metal - LYRICS
    - The Holy Whore - LYRICS

    t.t.: 80:55

    16. Part of your nature?, 2013


    Although for me all my CDs are my darlings
    I think people will consider this one - keeping
    a quiet atmosphere throughout the whole CD -
    one of my principal albums.

    Introduction from the booklet

    - To be locked - VIDEOCLIP
    - Nature
    - Soul of Poland
    - Love we cannot make
    - Human
    - I am all
    - Dying bed - LYRICS

    t.t.: 79:53

    15. Forgotten Gigs, 2012


    Double Live CD
    Compiled from 3 concerts given by Azar
    in the first years of the new millenium
    It gives a fairly good overview of the songs
    Azar made and sung in that period

    DISC 1
    - Om Satyam
    - Lay your hand in mine
    - I'm sorry
    - I like to show you
    - Aum Aham Deva
    - Free me of me
    - I love you
    - Me or them
    - Let me bring everyone home
    - We are the wound
    - Om Trayambakam
    - Waken me
    - The Present

    DISC 2
    - Caught in between
    - Wait - LYRICS
    - There are moments
    - My child
    - Down on my knees
    - Let me Live
    - Are you avoiding Me?
    - The abolition of I-cramp
    - Don't become like them
    - When your heart meets mine

    14. Man & Woman, 2012


    7 songs about the theme 'Man & Woman'
    that is no theme but the Dual reality itself
    that the One Is.

    CD booklet & CD backbox
    - The one big love
    - Take me to your light - LYRICS
    - The law
    - The boy - LYRICS
    - Just put your arms round me
    - Make love
    - You came with your body

    13. Heart sings Cohen, 2011


    Double CD
    Original songs of Leonard Cohen,
    performed by Azar Baksh
    under the artist name of Justin Heart
    DISC 1
    - One of us cannot be wrong
    - Suzanne
    - Nancy
    - Famous blue raincoat
    - Joan of Arc
    - I tried to leave you
    - Chelsea Hotel
    - There is a war
    - Take this longing - VIDEOCLIP

    DISC 2
    - Paper thin hotel
    - Came so far for beauty
    - The smokey life
    - If it be your will
    - Hallelujah
    - I'm your man
    - Anthem
    - In my secret life
    - The Faith

    12. The Depth, 2010


    6 touching songs and
    1 piece for guitar

    - Whatever you prefer
    - I Die
    - Everything is strange
    - The Fight
    - Trigger me
    - Drama Queen
    - Lost Beauty (piece for guitar)

    11. Heart's long and lonely way down into the mud, 1995/2010


    Originally on cassette, recorded on a 4-track
    tape recorder in the mid nineties

    - Naked in the dunes
    - The train
    - Love is here
    - Love’s your voice
    - Look at me now
    - Last cup of tea
    - Strange
    - Somewhere somehow
    - Anonymous
    - Königin

    10. love Returns into Love, 2009


    10 love songs (in English)
    - not without a special touch
    of Azar Baksh though

    Live recorded 14-02-2005 at the presentation
    of Azar's 2nd novel in Dutch (about being
    in love) "Testament of an individual".
    Later in studio Azar added more voices
    and other sounds.

    - Self-obsession
    - I won't complain
    - Song for everyone
    - Love is
    - Truly yours
    - Naked in the dunes
    - Right in the storm
    - The memory of your Heart
    - Hellen
    - Woman

    9. Pervading Background, 2007


    2 English songs
    7 mantra compositions

    Live CD
    Azar was hired as background-music, to sing and
    play live at and to support a spiritual happening.
    He recorded it and in the studio added more
    voices of himself.
    Delicate but intense.

    - I Follow
    - Qarib
    - Om Satchitananda
    - Sabbe
    - Aishiteruyo
    - Radhe Govinda Bola
    - Bismillah II
    - Om Trayambakam
    - Let me Live
    Track Satguru Vachoni from the CD Guruguru is included on a compilation CD Urban Mantra of the Australian music company Music Mosaic and can be ordered from them.

    8. Guruguru, 2006


    5 intriguing songs sang to (Asian) texts
    of passed Masters.

    Singing of Azar Baksh and composition is central
    as usual; this time, however, keyboard is the main
    accompanying instrument instead of guitar.
    Azar Baksh put his Spiritual Force - which comes
    into existence if Man and Woman Truly Meet,
    as One Heart - in this CD and you can hear that,
    feel that, drink, absorb that.

    - Mazan Ze
    - Guru Deva Daya - LYRICS
    - Firaq-o-Wasl
    - Alnafs
    - Satguru Vachoni

    7. The Fiery Heart, 2004


    3 mantra compositions
    5 English songs

    This remarkable, touching CD is
    a live registration of a lie-down concert
    given on September 2003 in
    Vipassana Meditation Centre, Groningen

    - Realization
    - The Fiery Heart
    - The Dark
    - Tell me
    - Adam and Eve
    - I love Love
    - Words
    - Om Namah Shivaya

    6. The Presence, 2003


    6 long compositions
    in English language

    A Profound CD on which are only songs
    that are written from the perspective
    of Indivisible Presence Itself
    - I Am a King
    - Beyond Love
    - Just Imagine
    - Stand in Your Truth
    - I Whisper in You
    - Leave your life

    5. SatZang, 2002


    7 mantra compositions

    As says the back of the CD-cover:
    Satzang is listening and singing in Truth,
    in the Presence of the Heart of all.
    There is no interfering of the mind,
    it goes straight to You.
    No words to disturb and protect the Heart.
    If we listen in total openness,
    without any judgements, without thinking,
    if we only follow, we are gone,
    we are One, we are It.

    - Sahaja
    - Dwisa Djahi
    - Om Bhur Bhuva Svah
    - Sat Patim
    - Durgayai
    - Metta Saha
    - Panduranga

    4. Listening Silence, 2002


    5 mantras
    5 English songs
    2 guitar pieces
    (+ some metallic sounds)

    This CD breathes the atmosphere of Silence
    A live registration of a meditative
    lie-down concert given probably on
    September 2001

    - Not me
    - Breathing In, Breathing Out
    - Patneem
    - Sat Patim
    - Om Bhur Bhuvah Svah
    - I'm Sorry
    - Metallic
    - Vajra Guru Mantra
    - A Moment of the Light of the Nightingale
    - My Child
    - It ain't me
    - Buddam saranam
    - To the Beauty of Truth

    3. LIVE in the Heart, 2001


    5 mantras
    5 English songs

    Recorded Live in Assen, the Netherlands
    in May 2001 with an audience of 130 people
    Mantras & spiritual songs to sing along

    - Right in the Heart
    - Ya Shahid
    - The Present
    - Metta
    - Om Bhur Bhuva Svah
    - Om Mani Padme Hum Hri
    - Somewhere Inside
    - One with the Universe
    - Gate Gate
    - Children of the Earth

    2. There's Only Truth, 2000


    3 mantras
    6 English songs

    Varied CD

    - Mouna
    - Only You
    - Right in the Heart
    - Patneem
    - Love
    - One with the Universe
    - Asha Vahisto
    - To the Beauty of Truth
    - Beyond my Dreams
    1. I'm more than me, 1998


    2 mantras
    8 English songs
    3 guitar pieces
    12 poems

    First CD - originally on tape
    Rather spontaneously recorded
    Technical recording is not so superb
    but the CD radiates a fresh atmosphere

    - ya shahid
    - voyage
    - man meets a woman
    - a moment of the light
    - we're home
    - lay your hand in mine
    - radhe govinda bola
    - I stand up from the earth
    - not me
    - meeting
    - the mighty sea
    - the flower
    - the present

    All music composed, sung, played, recorded and mixed by Azar Baksh

    (except violin on CD 2, 3, 5 and 6 and melody of "Somewhere Inside" (3)
    violin, piano and percussion on CD 15 and the original composition of CD 13)

    Recorded and mixed at Sahaja Studio, Groningen, Holland.

    I'm more than me
    Heart's long and lonely way down into the mud
    Azar in Spiriland I
    Leven van Liefde
    There's Only Truth
    LIVE in the Heart
    Listening Silence
    The Presence
    The Fiery Heart
    Pervading Background
    The massacre - Society's slaughter of the Heart
    The Touch of the Heart
    Heaven and Earth
    The Presence is Alive
    love Returns into Love
    The Depth
    Man & Woman
    Part of your nature?
    Dear Bitch
    Heart sings Cohen
    Forgotten Gigs
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