About the music of Azar Baksh

Azar Baksh could be called a singer-songwriter and yet, if you listen to his compositions, you will probably find 'something' that this term does not include - and not only because many of his songs are up to three times as long as 'normal' songs. Composing the music himself, indeed, in fact he just manifests in perceptible form the Heart Itself.
Sometimes violin or keyboard are used, but always - except for on his CD Guruguru - his voice and (mostly classical) guitar are the basis of the composition. Except for violin, instruments (and voice) are played by Azar Baksh.

Originally, long ago, music was there only as a healing instrument.
Nowadays many people use it to have fun with, relax, as background, to have beautiful ear sensation, to fill the holes in their life, for commercial purposes, etc.
Azar Baksh uses it more in the ancient way. He says, however, that you cannot be healed. You are Whole already. To Realize your Wholeness you must allow yourself to be taken sooner or later in the Depth, the Profundity of Life. Then, There, all discomfort will show up (first, as it seems, your 'personal' trouble, later human existential pain in general) that needs to be felt, to be made aware of, to become Conscious. Azar Baksh gives his music to you, to all who don't deny the Truth That the Heart is, to Remind you and to Take you (back) into the Profundity of Life, Truth Itself and in This to Touch your untouched places. With his music Azar Baksh undermines straight your illusory ego-world. His music is Real, whether your ears like it or not.
Drink the music and Let yourself be Touched. Disappear in Truth with Azar Baksh.

The Music of Azar Baksh is not just a bunch of nice or lousy sounds but is in fact a gift of Consciousness. Whether you read a book of someone, listen to someone's music or talking, look at someone, whatever communication takes place, you always and cannot else but attune to the (state of) Consciousness of the one you're in whatever way in contact with. Listening to and Feeling Azar's Music in and as the Heart is listening to Truth, the Truth of Oneness, and might contribute a little indeed to Your 'own' Realization of Oneness. You are and were always already One. It's not necessary to think. Feel, vibrate with the music, especially with the voice of Azar Baksh.